How the humble refrigerator, cellphone and motor car could provide the key to life-changing wealth with Bitcoin

Dear Investor,

Technologies that were pretty much universally adopted in the 20th Century all follow the same growth pattern – and crypto-currencies like Bitcoin are no exception.

Bitcoin is already increasing popularity very quickly. If it becomes mainstream, or it finds a niche application that supports rapid growth, your bitcoins could be worth a lot of money.

Nobody can predict what will happen with Bitcoin, and the growth is clearly volatile. However, if it gets widely adopted, you could turn modest sums into life-changing wealth.

Can a single coin really be worth a million dollars?

A lot of people say, “Yes it can.”

Jeremy Liew, the first investor in Snapchat, is a shrewd investor with a track record of spotting the next big thing. He thinks Bitcoin could realistically grow 500x by 2030.

All it would take, he argues, is for the Bitcoin user base to grow to around 5% of the global population—or 400 million users.

That’s not out of reach. Every day 158 million people use Snapchat, and 328 million people use Twitter. Two billion people use Facebook every month.

So if Bitcoin manages to get 400 million people to use it, roughly the population of Oakland, CA, an investment of just $2,000 could return you a cool million by 2030.

Why 5% of the population is just the beginning

It’s still debatable whether Bitcoin will one day be used by everyone. It’s still in the early-adopters phase.

But consider this:

Electricity, the telephone, cars, radios, refrigerators, clothes washers and dryers, VCRs, computers, the internet, and cell phones all have one thing in common.

They are all commonplace items that people take for granted today, but they once started out as brand new inventions that nobody had ever tried.

They are all commonplace items that people take for granted today, but they once started out as brand new inventions that nobody had ever tried.

When you look at the chart showing how they grew and became universally used, each one of these inventions follow an S-Curve. Technologies that were pretty much universally adopted in the 20th Century all follow this pattern.

At first the growth is a slow climb. And then the technology reaches a point where the growth is vertical. After that it doesn’t take long before every household is using that product.

But even though bitcoin has been on a roller-coaster of a ride since it was created…

Bitcoin is still at the beginning of its S-Curve

The S-Curves in the illustration look pretty smooth, because we’re looking at the full picture over a long period of time. Zooming in to the short term growth of Bitcoin, the growth charts have many sharp ups and downs.

These ups and downs have been described as “Bitcoin bubbles.” What happens is that the price will steadily go up. The price of Bitcoin is largely driven by hype.

You can see it when you compare Google searches of terms like “buying bitcoin” to the price in Bitcoin.

When people are searching for it, the price will suddenly shoot up until the price spike is about 1,000% higher than the previous spike. At that point the bubble pops, and the price crashes.

It can be stressful if you’ve lost money in one of those crashes. But here’s the exciting part. Every one of those lows were actually higher than the previous baseline.

There are also practical reasons that Bitcoin will grow in the coming years.

Why now is the time to stake your claim in bitcoin

At the moment, buying crypto-currencies like Bitcoin isn’t as straightforward as buying shares or other assets.

That “barrier to entry” has limited the amount of money that’s flowed into bitcoin so far.

But the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is about to rubber-stamp the creation of a crypto-currency “index tracking” ETF (Exchange Traded Fund), which will open up crypto-currency investing to the masses.

The Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index (BGCI) is due to open for live trading as soon as the end of the year, and when it does, vast sums of institutional money will flow into bitcoin, pushing the price higher than ever.

Not only that, but Bill Gates said that he believes poor people in developing countries will use it.

Here’s why.

For many people around the world, getting a bank account is out of reach because of the fees involved. And when you send money around the world using a bank account there is always a third party charging a percentage.

In many countries, there are more people who have smartphones than who have debit cards or credit cards. For those people it is so much easier to send money using Bitcoin. Anyone with a cell phone can send money using Bitcoin.

In 2015, there were 2.6 billion smartphone subscriptions. By 2020 it is estimated that there will be 6.1 billion smartphone users globally.

When you think about it from that perspective, it’s easy to see how Bitcoin users have the potential to  easily surpass 5% of the world’s population, making each individual coin worth a million dollars.

How exciting would that be to own a million-dollar coin?

Chances are, you suddenly have a lot more questions. You need more information before you stake your claim in Bitcoin.

You need reliable advice on how to keep your investment safe and secure

Don’t get me wrong… there’s a lot of GOOD information out there on the interwebs.

But there is also a ton of BAD information too… not to mention the shady hacker types who would rather see your bitcoins growing in their account, not yours.

And whilst you could spend a few months sifting through the hundreds of information sources, cross-checking that the advice you are getting is complete, accurate and reliable, you probably have better things to do with your valuable time.

No only that, but with Bitcoin’s tendency to move very quickly, you don’t want to find yourself left standing at the station when the next bull run starts, because you weren’t ready.

That’s why I wrote the Bitcoin and Litecoin Survival Guide.

This easy to read guide is designed to quickly get you up to speed so you can decide if Bitcoin is right for you, and teaches you how to avoid all the pitfalls if you decide it is.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • The fundamental rules built into Bitcoin that makes it safer than pretty much any other form of investment, including gold (especially if you follow the guidelines in this guide)
  • A simple calculation that reveals the staggering upside potential of Bitcoin as an investment, especially in the event of another global financial crisis or a gold liquidity shock.
  • Why Bitcoin isn’t as private and anonymous as you might think, and the simple measures that will stop other people from being able to trace details of all your transactions and holdings.
  • A “hacker proof” way of storing Bitcoins and Litecoins that makes your investment safer than storing gold at Fort Knox (and with none of the annual storage fees that gold has either).
  • The quick and reliable way to ensure your computer is virus free – even if you don’t have anti-virus protection software installed (as long as you can search Google, you can do this)
  • Why your most secure password is likely to be easy pickings for a professional password cracker (and an easy to remember, almost bulletproof method of creating passwords that is recommended by cryptographers)
  • How to know if investing in Bitcoins or Litecoins is for you (and step by step instructions that will get you up and running today if you decide that it is).
  • The key things you absolutely must consider before mining your own coins.
  • How to choose the right “wallet” software (we reveal the pros and cons of different types of wallet so you can make an informed choice).
  • The human weakness that makes certain types of Bitcoin address prone to ‘pickpocketing’ from thieves (and how to make sure you’re not the poor sucker who gets their investment cleaned out).
  • The easily avoidable mistake that causes people to be robbed again and again… sometimes even YEARS after the first time (this is so easy to avoid, its shocking how many people put themselves at risk).
  • 4 vital questions to ask yourself before investing in alternative crypto-currencies (armed with these, you’ll instantly know whether to dabble in an “altcoin” or avoid it like the plague)
  • How to set up your Bitcoin holdings so that your core investment is safe even if you use Bitcoin for day-to-day transactions (you wouldn’t dream of taking your life-savings out with you in cash, so here’s how to avoid making that mistake online)
  • How a popular method of securing your wallet from accidental loss could actually make your computer backups even more valuable to a thief.
  • Two checks you must always make before deleting a wallet, even if the wallet looks empty. (Fail to make either one of these checks and you risk losing your money forever.)
  • Why accepting Bitcoin as a merchant is safer than accepting credit cards, as long as you follow one of two simple rules.
  • How you can hold the key to your Bitcoin or Litecoin investment entirely in your mind, with no evidence that you own them recorded anywhere else… and why doing this is a terrible idea (Hint: this has NOTHING to do with you being hit by a bus).
  • The small but critical difference in wallet types that determines whether your investment is at risk or not (when you know this, you’ll be able to minimise 99% of the risk of Bitcoins by using the right wallet for the job)
  • Three extra security measures that make creating a wallet for long term storage of Bitcoins or Litecoins so secure that even the NSA would struggle to break into it.
  • How the secure password guidelines used in much of the commonly used software around the world actually encourages people to create surprisingly weak passwords (and chances are, your most “secure” password is also in this easily crackable format).
  • Why the Bitcoin and Litecoin networks now offer unprecedented security against interference by companies, governments or other authorities (unlike gold, which has a habit of being confiscated by governments in times of financial crisis)
  • How the laws of mathematics, the strict rules of Bitcoin and other people’s misfortune will tend to create an upward trend in the value of your investment over time.
  • And much much more!

The Bitcoin and Litecoin survival guide is delivered in PDF format and is purposely short and to the point. In fact, you can easily read it in one sitting, and start putting the information to use the very same day.

And you can download it today for $19.95 $9.95 (Save 50% today!) (+VAT for European Union Customers).

It also comes with a 60 day no-quibble money back guarantee which means that if for any reason you are not delighted we will cheerfully refund your money.

But here’s a word of warning:

This is a practical guide for investors looking to get up to speed quickly, so you can take advantage of this opportunity with your eyes open and invest safely.

So if you are looking to be dazzled with the intricate details of elliptical curve cryptography or interested in exploring the philosophy and politics behind an open-source currency, then this is not the guide for you.

And if $19.95 $9.95 (Save 50% today!) is a big strain on your budget, don’t buy it (whilst this information can be worth thousands of dollars to everyday investors, it is of no use to people who don’t have a pot to pee in).

Otherwise, to download “The Bitcoin and Litecoin Survival Guide” click this link:

Remember, your purchase is backed by our 60 day, no-hassle money back guarantee, so you can order with confidence.

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